Web and Mobile

E-mail Marketing
One of today’s most effective and affordable means of promotion is via email. We create the artwork, send outgoing emails, program the landing pages, collect the data and track the results.

Data Management
The most critical part of any web-based marketing program is the management of data. Our servers are co-located and secure. Let PDP help you farm new data or manipulate your existing data.

Mobile Apps
With smart phone and tablet usage on the rise, you need a custom application to reach your audience most effectively. We develop mobile apps that maintain branding andĀ guarantee maximum exposure.

Website Design
We create custom websites that are effective, impacting, easy to use and affordable.

Our shopping carts are easy to use and secure. Plus, you can add, remove and customize products on your own without any prior programming experience.

Social Media
Where is everybody? Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus+, Tumblr, InstagramĀ . . . don’t miss out. Keep in touch with the Millennials.

SMS Texting
Communicate directly with your target audience for needs ranging from emergency alerts to promotional events using SMS.